Wharf Distillery – Building a B2C Brand


Wharf Distillery were an established B2B presence in the distillery world, however their own in-house brand had very little exposure. They wanted to build awareness amongst gin afficionados and G&T lovers alike. We began a two-month project with Wharf in Dec 2020.
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Bark stepped in to build a micro-influencer campaign to put Wharf Distillery gin in the glasses of real gin lovers. We wanted to pair up people who had a real passion for their gin with this craft distillery. We built up waves of influencers based on their content as well as their high levels of authentic engagement (one of the Bark’s must-haves). 90% of the influencers had never heard of the brand but many went on to keep Wharf Distillery in their drinks cabinets.

Our activity achieved the following results.

Influencers Contacted 350
Influencers agreed 142
Total reach 1,391,396
Total actual views achieved 325,934
Total engagements achieved 14,796

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