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Role Models is an impact-driven education provider. Their focus is specifically on life skills. Their core belief is to promote social & emotional wellbeing and dynamic thinking – skills that allow young people to flourish through youth and into adult life. They were keen to spread the word amongst parents of their target age group. However, as their offering is so experience-led, traditional PR and promotion often fell short.
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Bark drew up a localised outreach campaign based around the London area where the core Role Models courses were being held. Tailored waves of parenting/motherhood influencers were drawn up and cross-referenced against the key age groupings. Influencers were offered the opportunity for their kids to attend the courses for free in exchange for coverage on their channels. Rather than being overly prescriptive, the Bark approach of being open-ended about what type of content the influencers wanted to create was highly fruitful with a wide range of experiences and opinions documented.

Our activity achieved the following results.

Influencers Contacted 350
Influencers agreed 142
Total reach 1,391,396
Total actual views achieved 325,934
Total engagements achieved 14,796

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