Haskapa - Power of Purple


The haskap berry is an edible blueberry native to the northern hemisphere. Not exactly common by any stretch. Haskapa launched on the health food scene to change that. Packed full of antioxidants and anthocyanins it was ripe with potential to be a hit amongst the health-conscious foodies of the world. Hasakap had little to no footprint as a brand and needed to spread the word in a crowded marketplace.

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Haskapa - Small - 2


Bark stepped in to build a micro-influencer campaign to support the brand’s launch. The #food sub sphere within Instagram is as popular as it is competitive. Haskapa needed to leverage real users with engaged followings rather than just chase high follower counts. Waves of influencers were built up via a range of tactics including competitor analysis and interest-based targeting. Every piece of communication with the brand was through Haskapa’s own channel, allowing relationships to be built up. A number of influencers began to create recipe content that was then uploaded to the site. Cost-effective and authentic!


Haskapa’s story-based influencer content achieved:

1.19 million total reach on Instagram

479K actual story views

Alongside this, the supplementary feed post content achieved over 46K total engagements. A lot of this content was high-quality, unique recipe content which the brand was able to maximise on (with a recipe area on site)!

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