Firetree: Taste and Quality


Firetree – founded in 2017 by three expert figures in the chocolate industry – specialise in luxury single-estate chocolate that channels the incredibly unique volcanic profile of cacao beans from the Pacific Islands and Madagascar. Due to the high-end nature of the product – and matching price point – they needed to spread awareness of their brand amongst chocolate lovers and aficionados alike. The brand’s strong sense of ethics and visibility from bean to product made them a great fit for the burgeoning ethical food sphere within Instagram.
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BARK set out to draw up a large-scale outreach program targeting specific audiences of interest to Firetree. Content creators were encouraged to create dynamic content around their opinions on the chocolate. Firetree were confident in their product’s ability to wow – and that it did.


Total Contacted: 583
IG Agreed: 189
IG Users Live: 130
IG Stories Live: 358
IG Stories Views : 886K
IG Total Stories Audience: 7.1M
IG Posts Live: 47
IG Total Engagements: 6673
IG Post Views (20%): 131K

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